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Make Money online while doing blogging/investing/adsense and many more

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Hi, Im an online money maker and as much as possible i update all the non paying sites and the paid sites, this will help a lot people on which site they will join and which site they don't. make money online is the best way to earn extra money while doing nothing.

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Earning Money online is very easy now a days but sometimes we have to aware ourselves not to get scammed with other sites/ this site will give you updates, giving tips on how you can maximize your earnings and more more, join now us and be a part of our community!


Each of the following strategies do make money. The mistake people make is to try one for a few days or weeks then give up after they discover they did not get rich quick.

Quitters never win and winners never quit. Scattering your energy into more than one project will produce little or no results.

* Free Money Making Web Site
* Free Paid Surveys
* Online Auctions

Free Money Making Web Site
Free Money Making Web Site in 2 minutes flat.

* Free
* As Seen On TV
* Fully Automatic
* No Programming Skills Required
* Sites are Pre-Loaded with Products
* Instant Online Setup
* Quickstart Instruction Manual

Free Paid Surveys
Free paid surveys can provide a source of immediate cash flow.

Paid surveys do have their limitations though. One big drawback is that we have to continue to do surveys in order to make money. If we stop doing the the surveys, the money stops too. The other drawback is finding the right surveys to do in order to make lots of money.

Be careful when selecting a paid surveys program.

Make sure it is a real program which does not charge money to join up. There are places on the Internet which pose as a paid survey company but all they want us to do is pay a fee in order to gain access to all the survey companies.

There is nothing actually wrong with paying a membership fee to access a database of paid survey companies, but as long as people are aware that real paid survey companies usually do not charge for the right to participate.

Also, be on the lookout for surveys that do not pay real money. Each survey company offers many different types of surveys with a variety of different payout methods. Some surveys pay in credits and points which are redeemable for products while others pay cash.

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2 Readers Comment:

  1. purvi said...

    Although this blog is a good one and quite informative, I see that there are a few drawbacks. Like in the start of the blog you have given 3 topics AS a main source of online money making but explained only one. The explanation given for money making site is not sufficient and is unstructured. As of online auctions no information at all is given about it. Still the information given on paid survey is good and very helpful. The way you have described different types of surveys in brief and also which surveys to be-ware of is really worth your efforts. I just wish if you could explain other two ways in detail in your future blogs. As for the grammar and linguistic skills it is awesome.

  2. Shirley said...

    I agree with Purvi re whetting our whistles for more information about the other money making efforts, but dropping them in favor of surveys.

    Surveys can bring in some extra money, but it helps a lot if you are in a good demographic group. My experience netted me a bit of cash, but the surveys arriving in my email were few and far between because I wasn't a highly prized demographic. I think that if you still have a family at home, you get many more chances at earning income.

    Either way, it's free money, only costs a few minutes of your time.

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