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Hi, Im an online money maker and as much as possible i update all the non paying sites and the paid sites, this will help a lot people on which site they will join and which site they don't. make money online is the best way to earn extra money while doing nothing.

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Earning Money online is very easy now a days but sometimes we have to aware ourselves not to get scammed with other sites/ this site will give you updates, giving tips on how you can maximize your earnings and more more, join now us and be a part of our community!

Traffic secrets

What is Traffic? = Traffic is the most important when having a website or blog

There are many ways in order to have a good quality traffic, i will be giving you some tips on how you can get free traffics, you dont need to spend any $$$ in order to have this - you just need to work hard, focus and watch the traffic comes in. it might be helpful for those who are new in online industry specially for those bloggers who don't have enough traffic for there sites or blog.

Technique = when gathering information on how you can get quality traffic you should always think positive because it will motivate you from doing your work.

Here are the sites who can give you free quality traffic and backlinks

1. Yahoo answer = all you have do to is to post there with your link but you should be aware that when posting you should post it in the right category because the admin/mods will delete your post.

example : business category / you can post there if you have an online business and telling them to visit your site coz you believe that it could give them more knowledge about online business.

in this matter people will come and visit your site , you will get free quality traffics / backlinks in the same time.

2. Forums / blogs = im sure in this technique you can get many unique visitors from your site who is willing to read your blog / and be a reader but its up to your content. there are many blogs and forum out there which you can join and post your site - so in this matter you will get free backlinks and also free quality traffic.

you can use comment kahuna software when doing posting in related blog category, this software is very useful because you can set the blog pr which you want to comment on. visit them at or search it on here.

3. Advertising your site in yahoo messenger and mirc - well this is sound crazy or stupid but i believe that this could really help you a lot, like in yahoo messenger, their are many users of yahoo and you can use them in order to get free quality traffic, like when your talking to them and you have related articles regarding about the topic so then you can give your link for them to visit.

4. Mirc - is also good for advertising like when you are a regular chatter you can ask your friends to visit your site and if they are interested with the topic they can visit and leave some comments.

5. Posting comments - posting on blogs are very useful when getting free quality traffics because sometimes people may be interested on your comment and its really a good idea to make a good comment so that people may come and visit your site regularly.

6. Joining Myspace/friendster - You can join affiliate network like myspace and friendster, all you need to do is to make friends with them and then promote the site you have using bulletin. so when your contacts read your post it will give them curiosity which will lead in to visiting your site.

7. Youtube - This is a good technique if you have a good subscriber because people will also visit your channel on youtube and most of them will read the description if they people like the quality then they will visit the site - this is what we called video marketing and this will give you a great quality of traffic because youtube gets billions of visitors everyday. just be wise when doing this and its up to you on how you will make the video

If you have more info to add on please comment so that the readers can take also your advices because every opinion is important - Thank you

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